Robot Army Showreel

Robot Army 2018 Showreel

The Hunt / Discovery Australia

The Hunt follows veteran researchers Simon Townsend and John Turner as they try to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a big cat population exists in remote areas of Australian bush.

The film explores the potential origins of these animals in Australia, as well as investigating the numerous sightings, photos and DNA samples collected along the journey.

For Simon and John, the fear that this mystery will outlive them is all too real, but Vaughan King, ex-Australia Zoo handler and big cat expert, is here to take the reigns.

The Hunt highlights the passion these researchers have, what drives them to keep on this path despite the constant disappointment, public skepticism, and the overwhelming lack of support and government funding for their activities.

Produced by Robot Army and Ruby Entertainment.

Rostered On Season 2 / 7Mate Australia

Rostered On Season 2 first premiered on 7Mate on June 19 in association with Screen Australia and Film Victoria.
Produced by Ruby Entertainment and Robot Army

Rostered On Season 1

Rostered On is an independent Australian series that follows the story of Shaun (Paul Moore, Winners and Losers, 7 Network) who hasn’t quite figured out what he wants to do in life.

Instead, he has found himself on the wrong side of 30, working in a job he hates, dealing with moronic customers, cliché co-workers, and taking orders from idiots.

Torn between risking everything to follow his dreams, and playing it safe to provide for his family, having not seized opportunities when he was younger, Shaun is now stuck in the hell that is retail, working for Electroworld, an electrical goods franchise.

Get Realestate

A comical portrayal of the high stakes and intense pressure real life Australian agents face each day, especially in the wake of the current downward market. The series is set entirely in a Porsche Cayenne, where Marcus, along with his fresh-faced protégé Julian, must score some big listings or lose business to their most-hated competitor Ted ‘Double’ Cross.

Created by Marcello Barbaro
Directed by Ryan Chamley
Starring Marcello Barbaro & Roby Favretto


Jeremy The Dud

Jeremy the Dud is a comedy set in a world where everyone has a disability, and those that don’t are treated with the same prejudice, stigma and condescending attitudes people with disabilities face in our own society.

Jeremy (Nick Boshier – Soulmates, Bondi Hipsters, Trent from Punchy) is a dud, or ‘without specialty’. He has been living in assisted government housing his whole life after the death of his parents when he was young.

Now, too old for assisted living, he is off to live with his auntie and cousins and ready to make something of himself. The only trouble is the outside world isn’t very accepting of ‘duds’.

Proudly presented by GenU. Produced by Robot Army.

Love Lost

Short Film

Lost, alone and numb. The beauty around me tries to mask her grief, but it does so in vein. Guided by flashes of life that feels like a dream, or is this the dream?

Danni Minogue: Galaxy

With a long history in music video, we were hit up to produce the clip for Danni Minogue’s single Galaxy. Across a day of multiple setups and multiple costumes, including a ton of custom lighting setups, scaffolds and smoke machines, we were stoked with the look and the final result.


Mini Doc

It was amazing to get some time with Rone, and talk about what he does, how he does it & how he got to where he is today.

Finding the friction point between beauty and decay is a thread that runs through much of Rone’s work. As a street artist best known for his haunting, stylised images of women’s faces, he understands better than most that beauty can be fleeting. Seeing his artworks gradually worn away by natural and human elements has taught him to appreciate the unexpected beauty of an image as it begins to blend back into its more prosaic surroundings.

Rone has gone from spearheading Melbourne’s fledgling stencil art movement in the early 2000s, as a member of the Everfresh crew, to being a celebrated fixture on the international street art scene. An inveterate traveller, his distinctive female muses have followed him around the world, and can be found – in various states of decay – peering out from beneath overpasses and emblazoned on walls everywhere from New York, Paris, Tokyo and London to Christchurch, Santo Domingo and Port Villa. 

These days, Rone’s work is found as often in galleries as it is on the streets. His work has been acquisitioned by the National Gallery of Australia, commissioned and shown by galleries including Stolen Space and Zero Cool in London, White Walls in San Francisco and Strychnin in Berlin, and he is represented by Opera Gallery in New York. 

Barwon Water – Water and Country
Golf Barons – Happy Gilmore Drives
Tantra: Awaken
Barwon Water 2030
Honda Power Equipment TVCs

We had a ball working with DPR&Co on a TVC and some short scripted content for Honda Power Tools. Across a single day shooting we covered a 30 second TVC backed up by several social media pieces, as part of a bigger campaign. Robot was involved from the scripting and storyboard phase, right through to post and mastering all in house.

Victorian Fisheries Authority

Working with someone local is always great, and in this case getting to follow the Victorian Fisheries crew around was a real experience. The fisheries team undertake a huge variety of work, so over a few days we shot everything from high speed jet-ski aerials in the bay, night time surveillance operations, inspections and educational programs.

The content was used as a recruitment tool for the Agency, as well as raising their profile and showcasing what a career in Fisheries can look like.

GenU Animation

Animation work as part of a re-branding campaign for Karingal and St Laurence. Design, layout and animation all done at Robot Army.

Geelong Business Excellence Awards