Corporate video production - Robot Army, Melbourne & Geelong

Corporate videos are great for putting people to sleep, and corporate video production is about as fun trying to watch youtube with a bad internet connection.

Why do corporate videos need to be so bad? Is there an unwritten law that corporate videos need shots with a camera panning slowly past a receptionist as they pretend to be on the phone? Or feature staff stuttering awkwardly to camera in front of a bookshelf or motivational poster? Two words… AWK-WARD.

This may sound out there, but,  imagine for just a moment… a corporate video, that didn’t suck. A corporate video that staff actually wanted to show people. A corporate video that you’re not embarrassed about as soon as it’s online.

Corporate video production can be killer, you just need to think outside the box.

We are on a mission to smash the corporate video mold, liberating the working class, flying the flag for the nine to fivers and giving them a voice, an identity!

Well… maybe not that much, but we can definitely make corporate videos that will entertain, help your business stand out, and not put people to sleep.