Concept Development - Robot Army, Melbourne & Geelong

Anyone that’s gone out and bought a camera can press record and call themselves a videographer. Anyone with a laptop can download free video editing software and call themselves a video production company. Typically, video production companies are not going to worry about your image, or how many hits your video might get. They are going to rock up, set up, record, and go home.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason why they are unique, that’s why people engage. It’s not about simply presenting a list of services or spewing out a list of prices.

We’re a video production company with a reputation for getting noticed, and getting our clients noticed. Our work has made headlines both in newspapers and on mainstream TV. We were 80s’ kids with limitless imaginations and, over time, with the right mix of karate montages and fist-in-the-air anthems, we now see the world in a way that is creative, fun and unique.

After numerous quests to the ends of the earth and back, we have learnt the secret to harnessing these precious commodities, and translating them to vision, for you, the people… Inception!