Commercials - Robot Army, Melbourne & Geelong

TV commercials, promotional videos, and advertisements can be art. They can make you think both consciously and sub-consciously, they can entertain, make huge statements and really put a brand on the map. Or, commercials can be patronising, painful and leave you not only hating the commercial itself, but the associated brand

People are smart these days. They know when they are being sold to and they know when they are being stooged. More and more people are refusing the “extended warranty” paint protection. People don’t watch commercials now and automatically take it at face value just because “it’s on TV”.

Your commercial needs to make you stand out. It needs to make you look like a boss, not desperate or gimmicky. Your commercial, be it TV commercial, promotional video or web video, needs to be something that not only tells the world how good you are, but makes people want to choose you over the competition.

We don’t take this lightly. Commercials produced by Robot Army get people’s attention. We make you look cooler than walking away from an explosion and not looking back, than Van Damme mid splits, than Tyler Durden bloody and beaten or Simba returning to reclaim the pride land.