Animators - Robot Army, Melbourne & Geelong

Animators, apart from sounding like a breed of dinosaur, or a team of super humans that came together to fight crime, are a rare breed.  Animators get quite excited about new plugins, action scripts and have a weird obsession with Andrew Kramer.

If you don’t know what any of this means… great! It means you’re probably not single – like most animators are!

Animated video production, to most people, consists of staring at a screen, breaking for lunch, and staring at the screen some more. Animation production companies are often like sweat shops with animators chained to bays and bays of workstations. For us, it’s where the magic happens! It’s where we take the most outlandish, crazy ideas we can think of, and make them a reality

We wholeheartedly feel that motion graphics video production has a much bigger impact on an audience, advertising wise, than someone talking at the camera, or slow pans and tilts. Despite the long, painstakingly tedious hours, video animation is where a lot of our outlandish ideas are brought to life, and a chance to do things cameras and actors can’t.