Robot Army Showreel
Danni Minogue: Galaxy

With a long history in music video, we were hit up to produce the clip for Danni Minogue’s single Galaxy. Across a day of multiple setups and multiple costumes, including a ton of custom lighting setups, scaffolds and smoke machines, we were stoked with the look and the final result.

Honda Power Equipment TVCs

We had a ball working with DPR&Co on a TVC and some short scripted content for Honda Power Tools. Across a single day shooting we covered a 30 second TVC backed up by several social media pieces, as part of a bigger campaign. Robot was involved from the scripting and storyboard phase, right through to post and mastering all in house.

Victorian Fisheries Authority

Working with someone local is always great, and in this case getting to follow the Victorian Fisheries crew around was a real experience. The fisheries team undertake a huge variety of work, so over a few days we shot everything from high speed jet-ski aerials in the bay, night time surveillance operations, inspections and educational programs.

The content was used as a recruitment tool for the Agency, as well as raising their profile and showcasing what a career in Fisheries can look like.

GenU Animation

Animation work as part of a re-branding campaign for Karingal and St Laurence. Design, layout and animation all done at Robot Army.