FAQ about video & film production, Melbourne

What’s the difference between a videographer and a filmmaker?

There are people who’ll tell you a filmmaker is somebody who uses only old-style film while a videographer uses video. Others who’ll argue filmmaking is the art of telling stories with visual components, words and sound to evoke various emotions, while a videographer is anybody who points a camera at the subject and pushes “record”. The team at Robot Army Productions don’t believe there’s really any difference. Call them a filmmaker if you want, because they make films. Call them a videographer if you like, because they do videography. The reality is that if it involves cameras and motion pictures, sound and even animation, Robot Army does it. Simple as that!

You shoot video but do you help with the video editing process?

Robot Army hasn’t built its reputation by doing only half the job. Have no doubts about it, if the project has Robot Army’s name on it, then it’ll be done right, from start to finish – from concept development, filming, video editing and even video marketing if you want. Robot Army takes pride in the distance it goes to do an exemplary job and its video editing services are just another element of the team’s diligent approach.

What experience do you have in video production and film production?

Robot Army kicked off in 2012 when Ryan Chamley and Stu Ross joined ranks to merge their videography/filmmaking skills. (See, we told you there’s no difference between videographer and filmmaker!) Whilst they mightn’t have formed their partnership until 2012, the two men have years of experience behind them, and their projects have received acclaim across Australia and overseas. And since joining forces, Ryan and Stu and latest partner Will Gaffney have gathered an army of talented soldiers skilled in all elements of video production in Melbourne and Geelong. There’s little doubt that when it comes to video production companies, Robot Army is experienced, knowledgeable and driven to succeed by delivering results that exceed clients’ expectations.

We need to find cast members for a couple of video productions we’re planning. Do we assemble those people, or do you help?

Assembling cast and crew is the job for a producer and Robot Army is fortunate to have a producer – Luke Saliba – who makes magic happen. If a video production requires a cast of 10, plus 20 extras, then Luke sources the cast, the extras, the location and all the other elements that might be needed. Robot Army’s producer produces miracles. From concept development, through to video marketing, Robot Army will work with you to ensure your project has everything it requires.

You have offices in Melbourne and Geelong but do you travel for assignments? 

Short answer: Yes! Robot Army’s video production offices are in Melbourne and Geelong but they’re only the company’s headquarters. Like all self-respecting film companies, Robot Army does most of its work on location, heading back to base for video editing and other parts of the film production process. Wherever you need them, then that’s where Robot Army is prepared to be.

How can we find out more about your business and your videography services?

Ask and you will receive! Simply drop us a line and we’ll happily answer your questions.