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One Take Wonders – In Trenches “Hell march” video

Ok, so we made a one take music video for “In Trenches”. No cuts, no special effects, everything is done in camera, in one take!

But, before we go into anything, watch the video:

I know right!? What a twist! We had the idea for this concept for a while, but obviously not a lot of bands want to go so dark, but Kev from In Trenches was just as twisted as us so it was a match made in heaven.

This was our first attempt at a “one take” clip. For those that don’t know, a “one take” clip involves not cutting or stopping the camera. So there’s no opportunity to set up different shots, everything has to run according to plan or its back to square one. As if this wasn’t tricky enough, we decided to add lighting a car on fire to the mix.

The logistics of the clip weren’t anywhere near as tricky as we thought they would be in the beginning. We bought a car wreck for $250 off a Facebook sales site, the owner was only going to get $150 from a wrecker so he was stoked.

We got it towed to a private property in Aireys Inlet so we could legally do what ever we wanted with it, and ended up using regular petrol to set it on fire. However, the actual movement took hours of rehearsing to get just right, as we could only speculate how things would play out until we got everything together.

Our biggest concern was our actor Doug getting petrol on his hands whilst pouring it all over the car. Long story short, what you see is Doug pouring water all over the car, and someone is off screen squirting petrol all over it.