About Robot Army, film production Melbourne & Geelong

We were the kids in school looking out the window, wondering what we’d do if aliens invaded, or who’d win a fight between Luke Skywalker and Batman.

Where once we were told to stop daydreaming, to fit the mold, to grow up. We managed to build a company that is based around doing the opposite.

We’ve been creative since we could form thoughts and pride ourselves on our ability to see life like others can’t. Always unique, always standing out, it’s even landed us on the news a few times!

For us, it all starts with the message, it has to be authentic, it has to be real. The delivery can be as exaggerated and out of this world as ever, but at its core, it must be genuine. No sales gibberish, no tricks, no bullshit.

Robot Army’s video production team

Stu Ross Director of Photography

Stu has often been seen chasing plastic bags in the wind whispering “it’s so beautiful”.
He doesn’t see the world like the rest of us, he sees it through a lens, always noticing beauty in the simple things which most people would pass by.

Cutting his teeth traveling the world with his camera and filming some of the world’s best snowboarders, Stu found a passion for filming nature in all its forms. Anything from the ocean smashing against rocks to the stars on a clear night.

No matter what we film, you can guarantee we will have B-roll of birds flying majestically through the air, or the sun hitting a blade of grass.

Ryan Chamley Creative Director

There comes a time in every man’s life when he realises he isn’t going to make any money being a rock star. That elusive man from the record label isn’t going to be at a pub in an audience of 10, and he isn’t going to hand over a $1-million contract on the spot.

So with rock star, pro skateboarder and pro basketball player crossed off his list, Ryan could focus his attention on another passion and has been creating moving images ever since.

With a talent to habitually go over the top when coming up with concepts, Ryan’s passion is in storytelling and taking the viewer on a journey.