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Robot Army

We were the kids in school looking out the window, wondering what we’d do if aliens invaded, or who’d win a fight between Luke Skywalker and Batman.

Where once we were told to stop daydreaming, to fit the mold, to grow up. We managed to build a company that is based around doing the opposite.

We’ve been creative since we could form thoughts and pride ourselves on our ability to see life like others can’t. Always unique, always standing out, it’s even landed us on the news a few times!

For us, it all starts with the message, it has to be authentic, it has to be real. The delivery can be as exaggerated and out of this world as ever, but at its core, it must be genuine. No sales gibberish, no tricks, no bullshit.

Ryan Chamley

In 2017 Ryan made his scripted debut with the viral online sensation Rostered On, amassing over 250 millions views online. Fast forward a year and in 2018 Rostered On was acquired by Netflix, becoming its first independent long-form web series in Australian history.

Ryan’s second title Jeremy the Dud won fans worldwide for its insight into disability. The trailer instantly went viral, racking up millions of views, gaining the interest of TV networks and production companies all over the world. It won best film at both the ‘Flicks for Change’ film festival in Los Angeles and the Melbourne Independent Film Festival. Jeremy the Dud is currently being developed in London with Baby Cow Productions.

In addition to being represented by Amanda Davis/Curtis Brown in the UK, Ryan is managed by 3Arts in the USA. He is working on multiple original TV scripts, and a feature film, while getting ready for the second season of Rostered On.

Stu Ross

Brendan Weston

Brendan has been working in digital media for over 15 years, with experience across multiple platforms including software design and development, animation, television, film and post production.

As an editor, Brendan’s experience includes broadcast television and film, short-form content and feature documentaries which have been broadcast both locally in Australia and internationally. Notable mentions include programs for National Geographic, TVF International, Channel 7, the ABC and SBS Dateline.

Bas Hosn

Jake Plumridge