Blog cherry poppin and mad doggin’ like our mums were too over protective on social media

So here it is. The first blog post of what will hopefully be a somewhat regular ramble of what we are up to, what we are into, and how we are doing it.

2015 has been huge and gone by so fast! For those that may not have known, we have expanded in to the big apple… of Victoria. We are incredibly stoked to have an office on Johnston St in Collingwood, running alongside our Geelong HQ.

Being amongst the atmosphere in Melbourne is amazing, and we are finding her to be quite the seductive temptress, and very welcoming.

Work wise, we have been pushing to be more creative in our concepts, and make everything that little bit more cinematic, and have just put some work up we are really proud of.

We will be posting dedicated blogs about each project soon, but there are some projects in particular that are stand outs, being they are self produced! In other words no one commissioned us, no one is paying us, we are taking the leap and investing in our own work. We got into this game to create, to tell stories and the plan has always been to work our way into film, television and documentaries, and are getting it out there.

We are so excited to be releasing a short film in the coming weeks, and to have finished production on a pilot for a comedy series we are shopping to networks. All we can give you is a couple of stills at the moment, but there will be far more to come.

That’s it for now, keep an eye out as we go into more detail on recent projects. Stay true and remember the new Star Wars is less than 20 Fridays away.